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Diesel Power Tuning Testimonials


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"Well, just a note to say thank you guys. I was looking for a solution to improve the MPG on my, slightly aging BMW 520D, did my research and picked your DPT unit. Fitted it myself and after 3 months of using it I must say I am very impressed. Definite improvement in MPG which was my aim, and also the car just runs better, smoother with better pick up when needed. Thanks again."

Peter Wilson - Manchester

"I read all the blub about this thing before i parted with my money and was still a little skeptical. Wow! I think its great and don't know why everybody doesn't now have one of these, for a few hundred quid DPT has completely transformed my BMW. "

Alan J - Self fitted in Derbyshire

"I do not understand how this DPT tuning unit works, but it does. I felt i was "sold" the unit by the installer who said it would pay for itself on my Mercedes Vito van. I cover over 100k miles per year and it paid for itself in about half of that i reckon. I also reckon i have sold about 10 units for you guys since to other couriers i know ! lol"

Darren G - Independent courier - Glasgow

"Having had a DPT already fitted to a different car when i bought it I asked for this DPT unit to be transferred to my new Ford Mondeo. I do a lot of miles and this box makes a good fuel saving when i am motorway driving."

Robert W - Milton Keynes

"Hey guys this DPT Tuning unit is great. I had it fitted to our BMW mainly for when we tow our caravan. The dealer specifically set it for better low end torque for towing and the pick up is amazing, i cannot believe it is the same car i have been towing with. Well done."

Gerry & Gillian - Ireland

"I had this unit fitted to my Chrysler 300, what a difference it has made to my MPG. I manage London - Leeds and back on a tank now which i never used to. Thank you Added in 2012 - Now am looking forward to having the unit transferred over to my new 2.2 Jaguar when it arrives soon."

Gary - London

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Diesel Powered Van

NEW IN 2013 :



DPT AGRI is now available to tune Agricultural vehicles and help resolve EGR problems.

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Diesel Powered Van

Engineering :

Porsche Tuning

Diesel Powered Van

An example of the quality of tuning available via our dutch engineers...

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Improve MPG:

Reduce Costs

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Auto Express magazine feature their trial of our DPT unit to boost MPG, with impressive results!

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Diesel Power Tuning Case Study

DPT on TV:

Quentin Willson

Diesel Power Tuning - Power, Economy & Performance

DPT recently had some television coverage of which was hosted by Quentin Willson on a program called price off our roads.

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Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

Improve MPG:

Reduce CO2

Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

If you operate a number of vehicles, which may be anything from a few company cars through to a large mix of cars and light commercial vehicles make contact with us...

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