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Diesel Power Tuning Case Study

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Welcome To The New Videos Section

Here you will find any videos about our product we hope to have more and more of these as the product becomes more known and develops a higher profile. Also below is fuel saving guide which could help you to use less fuel!

So Lets Hear What Quentin Willson Thinks

Fuel Saving Guide

posted Sunday, 22nd June 2008

Fitment of a DPT unit is one of several ways in which a driver can optimise their fuel consumption. Having fitted DPT it is important that drivers operate their vehicles appropriately to achieve the savings figures we indicate. Poor driving practices are a key reason for poor fuel consumption.

The following simple guidelines will help reduce your fuel consumption;

1. Avoid periods of prolonged engine idling, if you are likely to be stationary for 30 seconds or more switch the engine off when safe to do so and restart when ready to proceed.

2. Drive smoothly by avoiding over accelerating and speeding which result in increased requirement to use the brakes. Every time you press the brakes you are killing energy you have already used the fuel for. Driving at 70 mph used 10% ore fuel than at 60 mph.  Maybe by allowing 2 or 3 minutes extra for the trip to work you can reduce the speed at which you drive, or by going at a different time avoid the rush hour traffic. Where appropriate use cruise control which eliminates the effect of a “heavy foot”.

3. Change up to the next higher gear at a suitable rev level, for a diesel this is under 2000 rpm. If you are revving the engine higher you are driving un-economically. DPT will provide the flexibility to reduce gear changes by producing a more flexible torque range.

4. Remember anything your car has to do to “work” increase the fuel it uses. So do not carry unnecessary excess weight (Golf Clubs).  Likewise anything fitted to your car which causes “drag” will also reduce MPG, e.g. Roof Racks are said to cost as much as 5% in MPG, so if not in use remove it. Also imply having the window open causes drag.

5. Electrical products in the car requires power, including those considered part of the car, Lights, Radio ect and the car has to work extra to provide the power, thus reducing MPG. It is said that vehicle Air Conditioning reduces MPG by 10% so only use when required.

6. Keep your car in good condition. It’s simple a well maintained car runs better and is more economical. But also simple tasks like keeping tyre pressure correct all contribute to better MPG.

7. Plan your journey in advance where possible, select routes which will not encounter slow traffic and by knowing where you are going will not waste fuel driving unnecessary mileage.

Without preaching there are other ways such as walking for short journeys or car sharing where possible, but we are practical here at DPT and understand that you like us wish to be able to use your car when you want to. The simple guidelines above will help improve MPG. Remember if you reduce your MPG by 10% you also reduce your CO2 emissions by 10%.

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Diesel Powered Van

NEW IN 2013 :



DPT AGRI is now available to tune Agricultural vehicles and help resolve EGR problems.

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Diesel Powered Van

Engineering :

Porsche Tuning

Diesel Powered Van

An example of the quality of tuning available via our dutch engineers...

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Improve MPG:

Reduce Costs

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Auto Express magazine feature their trial of our DPT unit to boost MPG, with impressive results!

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Diesel Power Tuning Case Study

DPT on TV:

Quentin Willson

Diesel Power Tuning - Power, Economy & Performance

DPT recently had some television coverage of which was hosted by Quentin Willson on a program called price off our roads.

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Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

Improve MPG:

Reduce CO2

Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

If you operate a number of vehicles, which may be anything from a few company cars through to a large mix of cars and light commercial vehicles make contact with us...

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