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Is DPT suitable for DIY fitting

We provide installation instructions which make fitting the units quite simple for 90% of the vehicles on our database. We also have technical assistance available on the telephone for buyers, with contact numbers issued with each order. Finally if anyone purchases a unit which we consider unsuitable for DIY installation we will tell you before we issue goods and give you the option to cancel the order, or simply pair you up with one of the 100+ installers we have in the UK.

There are no special tools required and no wire cutting involved, it simply a matter of identifying, with our instructions, the correct connector to plug into.

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Where can i get some information about DPT

Start by calling us on 01670 706985 where we will happily answer your questions and advise how this technology can impact upon your own vehicle. We have sold over 3,500 DPT tuning units into the UK market in the last 5 years that's a lot of happy customers.

And these are only a fraction of the 35,000 + units sold worldwide by Dutch the manufacturer.

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DPT, Chipping or Re-mapping, which is best and why

DPT is a very sophisticated digital tuning solution, developed in Holland by a professional automotive race engineer of the highest calibre, who is still involved in the further development of the brand. It is a non intrusive Plug & Play, easy to fit and remove device.

"Chipping" a vehicles means the engineers are opening the vehicles ECU which immediately invalidates the vehicle manufacturers (VMs) warranty.

"Remapping" is a software overwrite. It has an inherent risk of being overwritten again on a newer vehicle which is still being franchise dealer serviced. Furthermore it is a modification you need to advise a buyer of your vehicle (for insurance purposes) or have removed, at a cost, when you sell a vehicle.

Applying DPT technology does not change the VMs settings and can be removed for sale or transfer to another vehicle when you sell it. With DPT in many cases you are buying a product for life not just one vehicle.

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Can i fit a DPT to my remapped car

Sorry No. If your vehicle does not have vehicle manufacturers standard ECU software in operation DPT cannot identify & modify the signal required to improve the vehicle performance.

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I am buying DPT to save fuel, how quickly will it pay for itself

The payback on DPT depends upon a few simple factors; the price of fuel, your vehicle's MPG and your annual mileage.

We have a calculator on this site to make this evaluation easy for you. Check it out, enter your own details and see how quickly the unit DPT tuning will take to pay for itself. Remember that even if you change vehicle quite regularly the product can be uninstalled and moved to another vehicle. Our Dutch manufacturers have units which have been with owners for over 8 years. Although DPT has only been in the UK for 5 years we have many users who have moved their units onto replacement vehicles, since buying the product.

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Why is DPT one of the higher priced tuning solutions available

We are often asked why DPT costs £300+ and "the same type of product" is available on E-bay for much less.

The difference is quite simply "quality", you get what you pay for. Many tuning solutions are very basic in many respects; in the materials used, the manufacturing quality and the technology both in terms of development and software quality.

So lets start with pedigree, DPT is the brainchild of Wim Essing an F1 standard Dutch automotive Engineer who has worked at the highest level in world motorsport. He originally developed the technology and his company continues to invest in and add to that development as it increases the range of vehicles covered by DPT tuning.

The materials used in DPT are of the highest quality available. Wim's business is located in southern Holland which is a hotbed of manufacturing excellence within the electronics sector, typified by Philips Electronics. The wiring looms which form part of DPT are manufactured by the same company who produce wiring looms for Philips MRI scanners and produce the full loom for the amazing Spyker luxury Dutch sports car. All conectors used on DPT wiring looms are Vehicle Manufacturer Original Equipment products.

The tuning units themselves incorporate an Atmel 32 bit microprocessor and are produced by another Dutch based company who operate as a sub-manufacturer to Philips electronics, so their manufacturing standards are of the highest quality. Unlike most tuning units in the market which simply house the Printed Curcuit Board (PCB) in an alluminium extrusion DPTs PCB is competely housed in a resin block which protects and insulates it enhancing the longevity of the product and protects it from heat and impact.

So when you are buying a product designed to last longer than your current vehicle don't compromise on quality.


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Can i change the settings on my DPT unit

No! Many distributors of Plug and Play tuning devices allow end user adjustment because the unit is not specifically tuned to any vehicle. These are simply generic tuning devices.

With DPT, each and every engine variant we list has been specifically tested by Wim Essing and his team in Holland. Every DPT unit we distribute, either directly or through our network of DPT installers, it set to work specifically with your vehicle. Wim and his engineers not only look at the engine variant you have but also give consideration to the vehicles; gearbox, brakes and other factors to ensure we are providing a tuning solution which will not compromise the long term integrity of your vehicle nor the safety of those who use it.

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Does fitting a unit to my vehicle invalidate warranty

No, DPT does not modify your vehicle, it simply changes a signal passed from the untampered ECU.

If you are highly concerned about this issue, simply remove the unit for servicing and replace it when you get your vehicle back, it is that simple once installed, even if the installation is not a DIY fit.

We now have over 3,500 DPT units in the UK market and there are over 35,000 in use worldwide.

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Do I need to inform my Insurance company

Yes, we strongly recommend you advise your insurer of any changes you make to your vehicle. We have an excellent relationship with Allied Insurance Agencies and their details, with a dedicated knowledgeable DPT contact, are shown in our links page.  AIA have helped many DPT users and in plenty of cases have even secured lower premiums for users whose own insurers did not support this type of technology.

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Why do Vehicle Manufacturers not provide the performance DPT can

To be fair to the Vehicle Manufacturers (VMs) they are providing a global product and as we all know "one size does not fit all". They offer ECU settings which are designed to accommodate a wide range of climates, in some countries some very poor fuel quality standards and driving conditions. In some ways VMs do exactly what we do, in that they offer the same engines with varying power outputs, DPT is optimising your vehicle for your personal use.

In some cases VMs use the same engine but have ECU output set at different levels of CO2, BHP and Torque to meet the requirements within a certain country to account for factors such as company car tax and road tax charges, so we know the vehicle can safely operate at varying output levels. DPT can tune your car to operate within our environment and at torque levels which suit your personal needs, e.g. Caravan Towing, Improved MPG etc..

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How long does it take to fit a DPT unit

Providing you have looked at the instructions provided with the DPT tuning unit a typical installation time is under 30 minutes.

The images we provide help identify the connections on your vehicle to be plugged into. If we consider any vehicle to be particularly difficult we will tell you. If in any doubt use our installer network, we can tell you where to find your local installer who can discuss what you want from the DPT tuning unit, programme it to achieve those objectives and install it.  You need to discuss the price of supply and installation directly with the installers, we do not determine this.

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How can i find my local installer

Simply use an email link on this website, tell us your postcode and vehicle details we will identify the most appropriate installer in your area. We will pass their details to you and pass on your details to the installer too.

Most of our installers have personally met, and had training delivered by Wim Essing the engineer who developed DPT tuning technology, they also have access to Wim and his team in Holland to support them with any technical questions they may have. We the operators of DPT in the UK host workshops for our installers, so there is a continued availability of ongoing product knowledge.

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Can i have DPT tune a petrol car

The company which develop DPT technology in Holland have successfully tuned several petrol engine vehicles. You can find these in the vehicle search. Note that we cannot improve MPG on petrol engines with DPT, but we can improve your vehicles performance output and driveability.

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When i sell my car what are my options

One of the great benefits of DPT technology is that it is "portable".

A DPT common rail diesel engine tuning unit will fit all diesel common rail engines, subject to the unit being rep-programmed for the new vehicle.

So, if you are disposing of your vehicle; you could sell it to the buyer of the vehicleor simply remove it, contact ourselves or one of our installers and have the unit reprogrammed to fit your replacement vehicle.

It is likely you will need to buy a replacement loom. There are about 15 looms which cover the whole of our range. If you are a one brand buyer, so for example move from a 3 Series BMW to a 5 series BMW then the swap may only require a simple unit re-programme. Simply give us the details of the old and new vehicles and we will give you a price.

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So what is the future of DPT

The future of DPT looks very interesting. Wim Essing and his team in Holland continue to develop the vehicles available in the car portfolio. We have already moved from single to twin channel tuning and three channel tuning is on the horizon.

A whole new tuning area is about to become available. Successful trials of a new DPT product to operate on agricultural vehicles - Tractors has been ongoing in Holland for over a year now and the programme is ready for release to the UK market very soon. This will deliver significant fuel savings to Tractor operators with a re-designed DPT unit specifically manufactured to operate with the rigorous demands of the agricultural environment.

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How can I contact Randstad Directly?

You can contact us directly by visiting our contact page on this very site.

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