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Diesel Power Tuning Case Study

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Upgrade Benefits

The figures below relate to units set for POWER. When required for ECO the increase in BHP will be circa 5%.

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More Pulling Power with Diesel Power Tuning


Caravan User / Towing Driver – High quality added power

For those with a heavy load or towing the DPT is a must have unit to provide the power (torque) required when wanted most. No more having to drop 1 or 2 gear levels to get up inclines, higher top end speeds for drivers with loads who cannot reach the safe road speeds they would normally get when operating under normal driving conditions.

DPT is also available for motor-home users too we supplied many units as a result of exhibiting at the International Caravan & Motorhome Show at the NEC in October 2007. If you need additional torque and wish to save fuel and reduce your impact upon the environment why wait? Speak to us today.

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Technical Information

For a more technical document on how DPT works, please download and read our technical guide.

This guide requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Adobe's website, free of charge.

Purchase Online

You can purchase our DPT product online.

We recommend your DPT be fitted by one of our experienced installers who can discuss with you how best to set up the DPT unit for your veicle and personal driving requirements. If you wish to simply buy on-line a full set of simple instructions will be provided.

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Diesel Powered Van

NEW IN 2013 :



DPT AGRI is now available to tune Agricultural vehicles and help resolve EGR problems.

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Diesel Powered Van

Engineering :

Porsche Tuning

Diesel Powered Van

An example of the quality of tuning available via our dutch engineers...

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This needs Text

Improve MPG:

Reduce Costs

This is Story Picture

Auto Express magazine feature their trial of our DPT unit to boost MPG, with impressive results!

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Diesel Power Tuning Case Study

DPT on TV:

Quentin Willson

Diesel Power Tuning - Power, Economy & Performance

DPT recently had some television coverage of which was hosted by Quentin Willson on a program called price off our roads.

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Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

Improve MPG:

Reduce CO2

Upto 16% better Miles Per Gallon

If you operate a number of vehicles, which may be anything from a few company cars through to a large mix of cars and light commercial vehicles make contact with us...

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